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Using instructional practices like collaboration, and project based learning, teachers can be teaching skills that apply directly to the workplace.  

I need to be better at pointing out the behaviors our staff do that back our valued behaviors. 

We are battling the "vo-tech" stigma from our sending schools as we are a school for kids who cannot "cut it" academically.  We are actively working on changing our perception through marketing and recruitment to be seen as a destination students WANT to come to, versus some see us a place you get sent.  

We are needing to create a grades 7-12 vertical plan for Career Readiness that addresses the necessary competencies of Career Readiness and Career exploration.  This needs to be a systematic plan that guides students through their education that results in them feeling confidently prepared for the workforce. 

I think a strong CTE/Community engagement story for our center is our SkillsUSA crew working with a local non-profit which builds beds for needy families.  They say a direct need and worked with this organization to assist them by using their skills and helping our local families.  

I am working on our relationship with the local chamber of commerce and branching out to chamber in the town of our largest sending school as well.  There are a lot of potential partners in that town that are not tapped as resources for Career Center....yet. 

We need to establish a better planned calendar with meeting dates.  We started allowing for more flexibility of times/locations, but getting consistency for Date would help.  Also, many of our Advisories could use some new faces.  

We have been discussing the idea of giving students the opportunity to work on their interview skills.  I would love to set up a way for local businesses to come in for these interviews and give the students feedback.  

Assigning specific tasks is more eeftive than an all-pitch-in approach. 

It is important to conduct routine inspections to ensure safety remains at the forefront. 

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