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Teacher professional development, student interships, field trips, client-conected project based learning.

We have seen success in increasing student engagement in our district by connecting sdtudents and teachers with community partners to conduct client-centered projects. We work with employers in our community to present real problems to be solved by our students. Students may be asked to design a new logo, create a computer application or some other task related to the companies operation. We have employed this strategy across all content areas, but have seen the greatest buy in from our CTE teeachers. Students have reported enjoying these projects most. 

The costs covered would be directed towards the intended purposes in EDGAR and UGG usages. This helps districts make better decisions about how they are spending these funds. 

Perkins funds were created for specific purposes and some may try to use it to pay for things that other state and federal money can and should be used for. So this idea of supplanting helps to keep districts in line with using Perkins funds as intended and not to use it to replace other funding sources. 

My district is a comprehensive K-12 Dsitrict. We have begun several cohorts centered around PBL and Pathways. One way leadership works to ensure collaboration between teachers of all content areas is to select teachers to be a part of these cohorts from each area. During meetings we create seating charts where CTE teachers are pair with teachers from other content areas. 

No, I would be shocked if there were not guidelines when spending grant funding.

One person with many hats.  It's a lot to juggle and sometimes one person is split across multiple high schools.

Yes, it is important to understand the rules that accompany the funding.

They are ensuring that funds are spent on appropriate things that are allocable to the grant.

The rules support the idea that Perkins funding is for the extra - routine items should be budgeted as part of the regular school budget cycle or purchased from a sponsor rather than the grant.

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