This group will explore the unique challenges of connecting with today's students in marketing, recruitment and admissions. The world around us (and technology) have a tremendous impact on students "shop" and build relationships with schools, colleges and universities. Our open forum group will strive to dialogue about best practices to enroll and retain more of the right students!

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admissions | New comment by Dwayne Thomas

CIE guideline and polices

Doing the Right Thing | New blog by Dwayne Thomas

As employees and educators of the postsecondary education industry, we have to responsibility to do the right do becasue it may affect the institution, and as a result, loss of accredition, license, a...

Changes in the Admissions Profession | New comment by Robin Thorpe

The differnt changes I have seen would be the technology stand point. Social media has had a great imoact on getting students in. Facebook, twitter, Instagram. All these recources are great tools f...

Changes in the Admissions Profession | New blog by Dr. Jean Norris

Many of you have been in the industry a long, long time.  What are the most significant changes you have seen in this profession?  What changes do you anticipate?

target market | New blog by William Todd

Who is the ideal target market for a Dental Assistant Program?

Financial aide | New comment by William Todd

We are also a small school with similar issues. We have many students who simply can't afford it, and don't qualify for a loan.

We are in Hillsborough county and will see the if we have a O...