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Dwayne Thomas

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My name is Dwayne Thomas, and I am a admissions representative that have enjoyed working in the education field. I am former athlete and I believe that helping prospective, current and graduateĀ students change their lives is most rewarding thing an educators can accomplish.


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Why do admission employees of various institutions scared to discus the prices of the programs of the study

Why is it important to know the definitions of words and terms associated with marketing and the admissions process?

Many words and terms are clearly defined by Florida Rules and Statutes, as well as other regulatory bodies that oversee the career school sector and specifically regulate the admissions process.

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CIE guideline and polices

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Do the right thing

Great discussion.

As employees and educators of the postsecondary education industry, we have to responsibility to do the right do becasue it may affect the institution, and as a result, loss of accredition, license, and credibility publicly and local community.

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