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It's happened in other industries and now I'm curious what you think about higher education; can any of the roles/positions in the front end process be replaced with technology?  Yes or No?  Which ones?  and what impact would that have?

@KirstieDB :Thanks for the post, Kirstie!  As a group, we are hearing there is a gap between adopting new technologies and helping faculty understand best practices in utilizing these tools to improve learning outcomes.  What have you seen?

Thank you for taking the time to address this very important issue!

Much has been written on the topic however I'm curious what sources are available to help faculty adapt to new technologies?

What is the best ways for instructors to help student retention??

You may note the name change from Student Retention Forum to the National Forum on Career Success (NFoCS).  But the name change isn't all we've been up to!  This group, comprised of industry experts, has lots to share and wants to learn from all of you.  What do you believe are the most important/relevant issues impacting student success?

I agree with you.


Just curious what the thinking is out there on the impact of the admissions office in student retention.  Specifically, how does the sales methodology used in admissions impact student retention?


Which may allow greater retention of students is consistency between what is offered and what is delivered. Many schools offer services which are not trained and that leads to a student dissatisfied and disappointed which is undoubtedly the worst damage that can happen to an institution. Disappointed students do not return to classes and spread their disappointment quickly becoming a viral rumor very difficult to fight

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