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I think we should be using smart boards and technology more. I think students coming through these days are way advanced in technology and seeing something in real time or 3D would be much more stimulating than reading out of a text book.


@srmeers1 :We have to realize most of the problems students face with retention doesn't have anything to do with academic ability. Sometimes it has to do with outside influences, child care being the most prevalent at our school. Through our student programs we try and help students access services outside of the school.



I agree with the content of this course that no formula works for everyone and we have to use different techniques for each students. Gave me some good ideas to try though!

Each department in our school has their own club run by the students. The staff is there to make sure they are adhereing to the state and local rules, but overall it is a self driven club. They use the money they raise to help pay for class trips pertaining to their field...or to raise money for various charities.

I think this is true. The information is very helpful.

I agree with you.


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