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Always stay up to date of all changes with each department 

Honesty is the best practice .

Alexander, Thanks for your comments. In one sense everyone on staff is involved in working with qualified students interested in the careers you teach for. These students need assistance to be sure they stay in school, which becomes everyone's job. Educators, student services staff, and others need to keep the students' eyes on the outcome - getting a job. Admissions is a cycle from enrollment to graduation. After graduation it is important to have an Alumni Community to keep in touch with grads, ask them for referrals, and possibly to enroll them in the next level program at your institution.… >>>

How do you rate your knowledge about the departments and people who work at your institution? Be specific about what you know and what you still need to learn and how you will do that.
Discuss what methods are used to keep you informed about changes at your institution that affect your job in the admissions department. What could make this process more effective?
Discuss your decision about whether you will create a physical notebook with printed documents and page dividers or organize the information electronically, or both.
What information have you placed in your paper or electronic Resource Notebook? What have you discovered that you did not know about your institution or the rules and regulations that must be followed?
What kinds of questions do prospective students typically have? How will you answer these questions more effectively as a result of this course?
Your state provides enrollment agreement requirements. Compare your enrollment agreement against your state agency requirements. How does your enrollment agreement match up? Discuss any differences with your supervisor and describe the results of your meeting.
Your state provides a two-page Catalog Guide. Compare your catalog against the requirements listed. How does your catalog match up? Discuss any differences with your supervisor and describe the results of your meeting.

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