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Service learning is an important tool for students to learn how their community can benefit from the skills they are learning in school.

Evaluation is important for the students because it shows what they have learned during their experience and how it has benefited the community.

Service learning is beneficial for students to learn about a future career and learn more about their own growth.


Direct and indirect service learning projects will benefit both the students and the community.

It is a wonderful idea for participants to come up with their own project ideas. generating immediate buy-in and making the most of their passion for working toward a result they think desirable.

Evaluation from the student and the onsite supervisor allow to identify the barriers and how to fix them.

Comment on Michael Mitchell's post

I agree with you Michael. Feedback plays a vital role. Similarly, providing clear objectives and step by step by instructions about how to meet these objectives are also  crucial.

Comment on Michael Mitchell's post: I completely agree. Internship should facilitate time management skills and identify the various skills.

The ability for a student to apply what they have learned in a real-world working setting makes internships a significant resource, not just for the organization to evaluate the performance and coach a future employee.

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