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The post internship meeting is something that I do not currently do, but would consider adding in

The supervision of students in the internship experience is important.

The reflection aspect is something that I already do with my interns, but the question of how could internship improve would be interesting to propose.

I want to better identify my expectations, perhaps in a letter to all on-site supervisors.

I like that the internships help students be more prepared for what the workforce will be like in their field so it decreases turnover.

Service learning shows what may be involved in that career. Being told stories from people has nothing on going thru it themselves.

I think my students can apply service learning to the visits we make to various animal facilities. Those 3 questions are fantastic to motivate the students. Bringing back the things learned in service learning help build pride in the facility they attend not just one of the numbers.

Services students can provide can help others in caring for their animals correctly. Time is all they will spend, if only 1 person decides to further their education to provide correct info to those who want to know is worth that time they spend.

I teach adults in a post high school facility and many just go with the flow, getting them out in the community helps them see the 'other side' so to speak and shows them if they really want to continue on the path they choose, Vet med-. Not all will want to do farm calls and likewise for those who want to work in a practice where the animals come to them.

Too bad my school wants to take away service learning from my students.

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