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The student journal is a great feedback to the employer and program. 


It is important for the internship coordinator to have great communication with the employer. It is also their responibility to advise all students about the responsibilities of having an internship.

It is important to have the intern fill out a contract agreement that reflects the policies of the program and go over job respsonbilities before they begin to intern. During their intertership, it would be helpful for the student/intern to keep a weekly journal and keep good communication with their teacher and inter supervisor. After their internship is complete, the intern should write a paper regarding their experiences.

A student internship helps develop professional skills and behaviors: Attendance, professional mannerisms, making ethical decisions, networking, resume' building, increasing interview skills, and time management - just to name a few.


I learned that before a student can start their internship proper documents and forms must be signed.

I have learned that while in internship students can see how it feels to work with that company and if that is a right fit in the company.

Internship is a temporary job that helps student gain hands on skills and communication.

I now understand how crucial it is to evaluate students' internship experiences to make sure they meet learning goals and prepare students for their future careers. As a teacher, I can implement this by stressing the importance of setting clear goals at the start of internships, promoting regular feedback from supervisors, and helping students reflect on their experiences through journals or presentations, which will help them develop important skills for their future jobs.

I've learned that supervising interns well means the on-site supervisor and the internship coordinator at school need to work together closely. As a teacher, I can help students by teaching them about what they need to do during their internships, helping them set goals for what they want to learn, and making sure everyone stays in touch during the internship. This way, students can get the most out of their internship experience and be ready for their future careers.

I've learned that structured internship agreements and clear communication are essential for a successful internship program. As a teacher, I plan to apply this by helping students to create detailed internship contracts  and by encouraging regular reflection through journals. This will help students combine classroom knowledge with real-world skills and enhance their career readiness.

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