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Discovering the ways to best teach your students is the job of the educator.  Providing quality education helps the adult student learn better and retain the information. 

People learn in many different ways and utilizing different areas of the brain.  Adult learners vary in the ways they learn the best.  I have my students take a learning test to learn the best ways to teach them. 

Teaching adult learners involves hands on activities and reflection of the progress made.  Incorporating physical actions along with theory helps the student learn.  Involving the student in the coursework also supports the experience and outcome. 

Erikson's stages of development have guided me the most in my career.  Humans and human nature is pretty consistent.  I disagree with my peers here that state Havighurst's needs to be updated due to societal changes.  The age ranges are broad and many people will still fall into them accordingly, even with the changes in society.  I believe some of my peers are judging his timeline based on their own personal opinions vs the majority. 

An adult learner has their own reasons for seeking education.  Advancing in their career or on a personal level is often the case.  There are often obstacles that get in the way and can be challenging for an adult learner to overcome to be successful. My role as an adult educator is help the student overcome these, and to attain their goal. 

Take an inventory of students prior life and educational experiences to customize your educational delivery. taking an interest in a students personal life makes you better at teaching them.

There are different quadrants of the brain attributed with being more or less receptive to different learning styles. It is important to be able to speak to all different styles so people who are more dominant in one learning type can understand various concepts. Implementing games is a good way to teach abstract learners.

Malcome Knowles is the father of adult learning, he established the pillars of adult learning.

basically adult learners develope more intrinsically; need justification for an answer, and want to be able to apply learned skills quickly.

Carl Rodger is an advocate for student learning where students direct the learning process itself.

Adults optimize there learning experience around personal built in life obligations. It is important to quickly identify and accommodate for these obligations early on to retain students.

Adult learners have various motivating reasons for perusing further education and also have different skills in processing learning materials.

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