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There are many different ways one can process and store learned material. By using a variety of delivery methods, the teacher can ensure they give everyone a positive learning experience.

By using concrete information, we can come up with abstract solutions to problems. Math and Engineering are two fields where being versed in these concepts is very useful.

Adapting to various learning styles with let students be able to engage in the lesson. 

By using different teaching techniques, you will have a better understanding of the students because you are allowing for students to engage with their learning style.

Teaching adults you have to mindful that they are expecting to get results from the class for their future.

Ages 16-23
Achieve emotional independence.
Prepare for marriage and family.
Choose and prepare for a career.
Develop an ethical system.
Ages 23-35
Decide on a partner.
Start a family.
Manage a home.
Start an occupation.
Assume civic responsibility.
Ages 35-45
Adapt to a changing time perspective.
Revise career plans.
Redefine family relationships.
Ages 45-57
Maintain a career or develop a new one.
Re-establish family relationships.
Make mature civic contributions.
Adjust to biological change.
Ages 57-65
Prepare for retirement.
Ages 65+
Adjust to retirement.
Adjust to declining health and strength.
Become affiliated with late-adult age groups.
Establish satisfactory living arrangements.
Adjust to the death of a spouse.
Maintain integrity.

Many adult learners are mainly interested in pursuing the goal of advancing professionally. If they do not view a curriculum as having a practical application in their lives, they may be resistant to investing time or effort in it.

Very interesting learning about all the factors related to an individual's capacity to learn, different learning experiences & memory. 

I find it helpful to discuss the mind of the adult learner. I especially appreciated the reflection that I had on the example of the gridlock traffic patterning and the use of lights/sirens on emergency vehicles to clear a path and what some applications of that could look like in the curriculum. 

The seven Intelligences used in Emotional Intelligence combines the understanding of the awareness of how decisions being made impacting the lives of others.

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