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Really have learned that what I say is often Not what others hear!  Self awareness is is something I need to constantly strive to achieve, and awareness of others is also a moving target

I thought the fact that critical thinking requires discipline was interesting. I was particularly intrigued by the statement that students realize that having discipline and develop critical thinking skills will produce success but often don't want the commitment.

Today's instantaneous world doesn't provide enough opportunities for students to practice and develop critical thinking skills.

I had known that learning styles were important to address when creating material for students to learn, however, I am not sure if I had even thought of different intelligences. This was excellent for me. I have learned about the use of multiple intelligences to group students and to understand the students different behaviour towards learning.

This lesson has greatly increased my knowledge of how information is encoded into useful long-term working memory that can be applied. I have also learned about the differences in how certain age groups learn and retain information.

Before solving a "problem" it is worthwhile to take the time to write down down the problem with a clear, concise statement using facts. Take the emotion out of the defining of the problem.  

Not every approach to a problem will be the same and different methods at arriving at an answer should not be judged as we all have different intelligences and skills.  It would also be useful to have a greater understanding of different students' intelligences so they could be grouped together for projects or assignments and to complement differing problem solving abilities.

to develop more critical thinkers in my classroom I need to ask be open to my students asking questions of me and, in turn, asking them about their thought processes when working problems or discussing their projects.  

As a chemistry instructor I have to remind myself to talk less and practice more.  Practice problems with clear problem solving process to prepare for exams.

By encouraging critical thinking in the classrooms we can better prepare students to thrive in the ever changing professional landscape. 

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