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A problem well-defined is a problem half-solved. - Charles Kettering

Demonstrating an understanding of multiple intelligences builds rapport with students, and encourages engagement as they learn critical thinking.

The reframing of discipline as a process of development for critical thinkers to encourage the investment of time and effort.

Critical thinking facilitates new learning and participation in society in a mature and helpful way.

Teaching critical thinking skills makes more productive and independent learners.

I have learned that critical thinking is an ancient process, not something at all new to 21st century education. We can learn much about our own thinking by reading Socrates, Aquinas, and others.

EI is not linear and intelligence is something that can be worked on and learned over time

using different ways to teach students allowing them to learn in the best environment that suits them.

motivation is important to keep students aware and invested in what they are learning

Emotional Intelligence can help instructors to be able to make sure all students are engaged and can process the information as they receive it.

Critical thinking is a process and it is thiking with a purpose. It contains components


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