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Motivation is a driver yes but it is up to the instructor to read their students and know how to drive them as a group to one goal. While doing so can see who is who in the process and be able to motivate each student.

The ability to put forth the learned process of EI will bring success to not only you but also your students. It is not the process of controlling your emotion but being aware of your surroundings and body language of the individuals you are speaking to. As an instructor I myself listen, process what is being spoken, and be able to give a response that will effectively help my students understand with emotion the important of there question with the correct answer.

understand your students and adapt

Be aware of many teaching styles to accommodate different learning styles. 

Adult learners are motivated by internal not external factors, typically leaning is to be applied immediately.

So as the student ages, their outlook changes on their motivation. Some say that these "crisis" should be resolved in a specific timeframe in order to be happy

Most have some sort of higher education, slower at learning new info but cognitive skills have not diminished. 

Engage adult learners in learning

Teaching adult learners requires varying learning tools. Facilitators must add hands-on activities to aid information retention.

A problem well-defined is a problem half-solved. - Charles Kettering

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