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Adult learners need to know the 'why' of the material.  Application is very important.

Teaching with EI in mind facilitates a creative learning environment which fosters learning.

It is important to have a positive learning environment. There are so many things going on in the lives of students that can be distractions from learning. A posititive environment fosters creativity and ideas.

Students need to be motivated to be successful learners. I know for me, if I have no interest in doing something, then I'm not going to be very good at it because I simply don't care. Finding what motivates a student is key.

Emotional intelligence is an important part of a student's cognitive make-up. How a student feels and perceives others throughout the day will affect the behavior and learning of the student. If a student is caught up in emotion, it is difficult to allow more information to be gathered and understood.

By learning from students past you can help focus on their future.

Brain-based teaching is important.

It is important to listen to your students. 

Erikson made great contributions to the teaching world.

It is important to remember everyone learns differently. 

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