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Innovative Leadership in Higher Education

Calling all leaders (or those who seek to lead)....we need you now!  Tremendous change in the sector calls for new ideas; innovation and the ability to move people forward.  Doing the same thing over and over is ridiculous and we can see where it's gotten the sector.  

What skills are needed to lead the career college sector forward? 

Although lectures cannot be expected to be eliminated, I strongly believe that if they are to be conducted- students should be the presenters.  In other words, prepare students to work in groups and have the instructor as the guide. The more social learning our students perform, the deeper the learning.  For example: I use an "up-graded" example of elementary literature circles for textbook chapters but I call it "Adult Literary Groups".  Each adult student has a "job" to do as they read a textbook chapter. It sets a purpose for the reading. Then, the next time the students meet, they sit in groups of 5 or 6 students and have quality discussions about what they have learned from the chapters.  They love doing this and they are not listening to me lecture, watching PowerPoints, or trying to fill-in guided notes (which they are copying from the student next to them).  Later, as a group, they present the most interesting and engaging information that they took-away from the chapter to the rest of the class. 

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