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Teaching Students the Difference Between Doing the Job and Working the Job


Sometimes when our graduates are challenged with surviving the workplace, it's not because they can’t do the job, but because they can’t work the job. They may have the necessary technical training to perform tasks and assignments, but working the job requires successfully managing all of those human relationships and competing responsibilities that define the workday. As we work with the ongoing development of our professional faculty, we should encourage them to provide opportunities in the classroom or lab, through interactive and critical skills assignments and activities, for their students to practice those workplace survival skills. 

One thing that I do in the classroom when I teach CPR is scenarios, I hand them a sheet of paper with a scenario and they have to know what to do on their own , I evaluate as they are performing and advise at the end.

This is very true. Sometimes we can give the students all the tools they need to perform a task but they can't work the job. As an instructor I try to role play with them and give them real life scenarios that they might encounter. I feel like this way they can have revelance when they do get out in the field and can critically think and look back at how they handled the situation.

I agree, Instructors have to be prepared, organized and facilitators in order for students to achieve success.

work pace survival and the real work world are always the target.Often times I will use word pictures in my lectures from my dailyexperience in the exact setting that they will most likle work in.

@lbennettgarza : Instructors have to want to mentor not jst teach.They have to have a passion for passing down the wisdom and minting new professional into a vision ,future and hope.Giving the students the power to pursue dreams, to see themselves at the top.We must inspire them, love them and sow into their lives the massive benefit of our tenure in the profssion.

In this turblent work world,with all of its unpredictiable qualities, it is important to help students know that they are not their job.They have a boundless purpose inatly in their humanity that exceeds being a human doing rather then a humanbeing.I like to foster a true discovery of the personal self, comple with true identiy.For me this is bearing the image of God,and valuing others with God's love.It is far more profound and powerful.

Points well taken,there is more to life than simply having a job.

It would be wise for a teacher to teacher the student to think and not just cram information into their minds for a future test. Teaching to thing out side of the box makes for a more rounded student.

be on time and getting ready and organizedand facilitators so students can do well

Another venue is to do job shadowing or internships, so they know what the current expectations are of the position.  Perhaps some more time spent on soft skills, such as responding to and accepting feedback from a fellow worker or supervisor.  It is not that they cannot perform the job, but the people skills that are lacking.  This might be a factor when our students have grown up interacting with technology and not face-to-face interactions out in society. S.Golightly

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