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Moving Up

I am on the fence and love teaching and the work I do for the public sector too, however, like the public sector I would like to move up and maybe even transition to the private sector in higher education.  What do you recommend e.g., more professional development courses, extensive research etc., that I should attempt before trying to get on the Tenure (we will say T-word) track at a public or private educational institution?


I have learned about this course with apprehensions of the information utilized within the course working within the private sector we have to utilized out life experiences.  It takes of the work within and out of the classroom to make the students want to become engaged within their careers. Look forward to learning more about the new inovations within the new century.


Ms. Ginell Agnew


Online instruction is at its most challenging when encountering those students who, for whatever reason, fall behind.

It’s our responsibility as on-line instructors and facilitators to encourage these students to return to the fold.

We don’t often succeed, unfortunately.  However, we must make the effort, as we would in a face-to-face learning environment.

I find that persistent encouragement through email and open-forum discussions helps to re-build the confidence of students—as well as offering them the opportunity to improve the quality of their work.

I agree and wish the same for me.

In addition to follow up the students should be coached in a hybrid environment. Availability of ground resources is vital in success of online material as some students find it difficult to navigate online material. The difference in presentation in both online & ground classes is in stark contrast to one another

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