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How do we show we care?

It seems tough these days with all the red tape it's hard to show those we teach that we care. What are some ways that you as a person show you care for others around you?

Also what would happen if we stopped caring?

I think we could change the world if everyone stepped up and put in the extra effort.

How do we make it around the bend to become more successful in this climate?

I think there are many ways we as educators can show that we care for our students such as: 

Be avaialble to them - I personally give my cell number in the first class so they can contact me if they have any issues or concerns.

Know them as human beings: I also like to know my students as who they really are and not just one student sitting in my class. Normally within first two weeks I know what is bothering any body in my class.

Connect with them: I also contact student if they miss a class as just to check on them if they are ok and same goes for any missed or late homeworks.

Pay close attention: Another way, we can show we care is by paying close attention to them while they we are in class, does a student seems to be not attentive, I normally ask them at the end of the class what was bothering them.


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