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How The Mind Works?

I had a teacher in C.I.A that taught french class she was crazy and rambled for 2 hours about french words and there meanings she linked stories to the words and spoke very quickly the first day of class I thought that I was going to learn nothing in her class never experiencing that type of teaching methology but found out going home and studying for her test I new everything she talked about and the stories that went with them and everybody in my class experienced the same outcome. Ive often wondered about here methology and what it was that she did was it the enviroment fast pace hold on to your seat teaching style or the interesting stories that connected the boring information into your long term memory are we ment to recieve information in a quicker fashion or our brains naturaly wonder off or was it the dramatic stories that made it stick? Its kind of like a car wreck its so fast in reality but after it happens you can recall and always will recall every little detail in slow motion.

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