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While not specifically mentioned, I feel it's important to note the sensitivity required when teaching adults who are, in some cases, signficantly older than you.

I, personally, am 23 and an instructor, while many of my students are in their 30's and older. I find it very important to maintain a balance of equal respect when guiding my students through the course. They need to feel that you are trustworthy despite the fact you are so young, that you are knowledgeable in the field of study, and that your youth is a strength, not a potential weakness.

It is easy for your students to look down on you because of your lack of experience. I find as long as you treat them with the respect and dignity you expect to receive from them in turn, you are much better off.

Ultimately, I feel you want to avoid treating them as inferiors, but as equals, especially if you, yourself, went through the very program. The key word these modules used is "guide." You are a guide to the students, not necessarily an older, wizened dictator of the classroom. You want to share your common experiences.

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