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critical/analytical thinking

I think that role playing can help students think critically and it also tests how they would respond in a real life situation

I agree. I use role playing a lot in my classes so my students will see how what they say and how they approach a situation can impact on the successful solution of the problem.

Gary Meers, Ed.D.

In my history classes I like to use role playing to help students see different points of view. At first they are very uncomfortable playing the "bad guy" (King George III, Spanish officials trying to hang onto their empire, etc.) but you can see when it "clicks" and they start to take on the unfamiliar point of view.

Sounds like fun and a great learning opportunity. This is making history come to life for these students and I know it is making an impact on their understanding of the value of history in relation to their lives today.

Gary Meers, Ed.D.

I have tried to having students redesign small parts trying to have them use critical thinking to improve a part. After they here others ideas they seem to enjoy "building a better mouse trap".

everyone does critical thinking it is just subconscious.

Can you share some examples of this with us. Thanks for you input on this.

Gary Meers, Ed.D.

One of the courses I teach has a lot to do with customer relations and how to interact with customers. I have several role playing activities that have been effective. Something else that I've found to be highly effective is a demonstration communication, specifically how what one person says is interpreted differently by the other person. I have one person viewing a simple drawing of some sort give short step by step directions to two others who then try to draw what they perceive the directions were. None of the involved are able to look at what any of the others are doing until the end. The results are normally vastly different, often highly entertaining, and keeps the entire class fully and actively engaged in the lesson. This gives a visual explanation to show how interpretation of information isn't always accurate. It also helps them understand the importance of being able to analyze information to help them ask the right questions for clarification and to fully understand the message.

I am more voyeuristic while I am learning myself, I dislike the part where I'm the role player. It will not work for all of the students. It's the same as some people would benefit from reading others while drawing or role playing etc. each of us learns differently. As educators we have to involve all of the aspects as much as possible to be successful.


@mandybee@mandybee  I also like to role play in the scenario of a job interview, this helps my students feel more comfortable with uneasy situations and unexpected questions.  It lets them know how to prepare for these situations

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