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Critical Thinking

Being a new instructor, as students come to me and ask me a question for their lab sheets, or the answer to a question we have gone over several time's, sometimes I just want to give it to them. I resist this temptation and usually will turn it around onto them, and ask the question back to them, and let their critical thinking skills shine through. Also, as a new instructor, I may not have the specific answer they are looking for, if I draw a blank, I will usually ask them their question back, and tell them the answer is in their notes, or in the class material.

Since they are the learners in this situation your strategy is a good one because if you let them they will allow you to do their work for them via you answering all of their questions. It is good to have Q&A sessions but they should not replace the work that is required by each student. Letting them do this type of research give value to the content you are teaching.

Gary Meers, Ed.D.

Must be presice ,articulate and to the point.Only then can students learn the subject matter,?Keep the stories to after you have introcued the topic and expalined it

I agree if is not presice the students are unable to use crtical thinking skills.

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