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Inserting relevant/repetive content from previous class into current c

I have asked students in a current class, how material from a previous class that I instructed, applies to the current class.

Some students can integrate the information and some cannot.

I am concerned with certification exams that cover the entire program, and not only content from an individual class.


As I teach a general ed course that is required for state certification I can relate to your comments. Since you teach a sequence of courses that lead to certification exams it is critical that the students understand what the carry over should and needs to be. Is it possible to provide your students with a chart that show the flow of content from one area of the first course into an area of the second course. List a first course key concept and then show how that concept flows into the second course in a specific area. Not sure how many of those concepts there are but you could take say ten key concepts and flow them into the ten key areas of the second course to help the students to see how course one applies and is used in course two which in turn leads them to certification exams.

Gary Meers, Ed.D.

sometimes it ncan be harder than what You thinlk

This is why it is important for students to see the relevance of reviewing information from previous courses and keeping it fresh enough to be able to retrieve it when needed during the certification exams. I have taught courses that were "building blocks" to the "final" certification exam and many students struggled to recall the information from prior courses, especially when the student "only learned for the exam", rather than for long-term memory recall or practical application.
I personally try to have the students recall prior learning in each term to give them a better chance to have it "engrained in the brain."

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