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Role playing

I use role playing as much as I can. I find that students can really get involved. The subject matter and experience allows the student to experience what the pt might feel like if the medical assistant is not listening to them or does not tune into the pt needs. The role reversal and the viseral experience helps the student understand just how important their job performance is and critical to the patients.

I use this in my classes as well and I find that my students really like it as a learning tool, as I am sure you found with your students. Thanks for sharing this with us because I know these comments will be helpful to other instructors, especially those that are just starting their teaching careers.

Gary Meers, Ed.D.

I am a clinical instructor and I agree role playing is very helpful. It's so much easier when their first patient is a classmate. The Aha ha moments when all that general education and theory finally culminates in working with a patient; so rewarding.

Thank you for sharing your experience and success with role playing. I use it a lot in my classes with similar results. My students really like role playing and I get to see how much information they have incorporated into their knowledge base.

Gary Meers, Ed.D.

I teach business courses, and we role play as investors, supervisors, and customers. It is indeed an effective teaching tool.

I try to involve students to role play, it gives them the taste for real situations

Role playing may work for some students, but I'm not sure it will work for all. I tend to find role playing to be somewhat awkward and occalionally even bordering on silly.
I'm not sure I have a solution here, just pointing out another perspective.

@ionina Role play helps empower the student. It helps boost self confidence

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