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Learner Needs and Expectations

It was noted in the reading that adult learners do not like to be held up in cumbersome regulations. In preparing students for the healthcare field having them to follow the rules and regulations that they sometimes feel are cumbersome is very important. Employees’ failures to follow some rules and regulations in the healthcare field cause many patient deaths and/or serious illnesses.

I agree with this and think that it would apply to other schools as well. If students are made to adhere to certain "cumbersome" regulations, they will find those same regulations out in the field are easier to handle, or get accustomed to. There are other things to learn sometimes besides the subject matter.

This is true. In the culinary field it is necessary for the students to understand and get used to these rules and regulations in the classroom environment before working in kitchens.

I agree that rules are important. They are normally there to make "life" safe, wether in health care or food service, or construction, etc... I find helping the students to understand why we have the rule makes it easier for them to accept it and enforce it.

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