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multi learning styles

I use a number of ways to get and keep my class's attention. I use the learning style I have used to receive my own education and the learning styles of my other classmates. I find it useful to use a number of ways to reach all the students.

Years into my experience I would say I have just recently realized how important learning styles are. Especially after I started teaching I learned how crucial they are for my students. When teaching I always try and involved all the different learning styles and that helps.

In my classroom I cover 4 methods of information retention.
1. They write the notes from the board.
2. I read the notes back over to them after its been copied.
3. They read the notes while copying them down.
4. I allow them to perform the theory of the topic in a lab setting.

Not everyone learns the same so I try to cover the Write it, Read it, Hear it, Do it methods of learning.

I find it difficult to hold some students attention due to fact they just don't want to be there.

I try to use many methods for learning; notes, drawing, lecturing, quizes

@diver1wilson :Anthony, I agree that the adult learner must read, write, and share. It sounds like it should be something not used for adults, but they too can benefit from processes that are kept simple. The course that I teach, I use different methods to involve the various adult learners within the classroom. The students' ages range from 18-early 60's within one classroom. It is a unique challenge to make sure that all of the learners are being taught. I generally use powerpoint, lecture notes, print outs, videos,etc to assist with teaching students. So far, the feedback has been of good reports. Most if not all of the students enjoy various opportunities to learn within the classroom.


I agre....regardless, actually, of age, students need to see it, hear it, write it (notetaking!) and do it (work out problems either on their own or in small groups). Discussing, sharing,and  assisting those around them in the classroom tends to make the learning environment more closely resemble their daily work environment.                Chris R



i also like to incorporate many differnt styles of learning in one teaching module. I will start by showing where the relevant class lectures comes from in the textbook, then break down that information into a diagram format if allowable or have the student demonstrate the task taking tuns to show what they have learned. 


I have the same issues. I feel that some of the  students are trying to feel out the class in a attempt to get a grip if this is what they really want to pursue as a ocupation. I try to keep the lectures as real as posible and also pose thought questions back at the class to get them to use what the discusion was about to understand what issues will cause real failures. Most students like the idea but have trouble grasping what caused the primary failure. This seems to get them interested. 

With learning styles, I try to vary my assignments with different activities that challenge each style. Some of my assignments we try to be very "hands on" for those students that need that stimulation. While other assignments might be more visual in nature. Often times I will try to give audio recordings and movies for other students. It seems to work pretty well.

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