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Guided Notes

Guided notes help when students are uncertain about what to study. THis keeps them focused and teaches them to decode inforamtion.

I agree. I've used guided notes a lot in my teaching. So many students are overwhelmed by the vast amount of information presented, so having a foundation to work from helps them a lot.

I agree completely. many students don't even know where to begin with note taking. I find that guided notes help to keep them focused in a positive direction.

I try to give comparison to a subject I teach.I keep on reminding students while they are writing notes to mentally visualize the output of the end result of work when it is put in practice.

I agree with Kathleen. When student receive such a large amount of information, it is useful for us to narrow down the information to help them study.

Guided notes are great especially in a PowerPoint Presentation which does guide the students what to refer to of areas of importance.

I agree guided notes in a power point will give the visual and help to focus on the main objectives and information. This will help with studing and learning without the frustraion of what is the key information. When you are first learning everything seems important to learn and understand.

Hi Kimberlee,
Good point about helping students to sort out the key points from all the new content they are receiving. This is the value of using guided notes. It helps the students to zero in on what they must know to move forward with the content.

At my school we are using guided readings to help students read process and retain the vital info from their reading assignments. We will have parts of the reading assignment that we want the students to skim over and other areas that we want them to read and retain. Those areas will be noted on the guided reading sheet and there will be questions for them to answer about those sections. When there is an exam based on the info covered in the guided readings the students really do so much better on it!

Hi Nicole,
I think this is a great way to provide instructional support to the students. This way they can find their own way to study while being guided through the critical knowledge aspects of the course.

I love guided notes or giving them a copy of my power points. So hard for them to follow along with lecture in a text book or even taking notes. Without a copy of the PP presentations...they seem overwhelmed and try to write down every word.

Hi Stacey,
I use them as well and agree with your assessment as to how effective they are. They really help the students to concentrate on the content and not get lost in taking notes.

You can see it in their faces, scrambling to write everything down. The brain can only process so much information at a time and if all their resources are spent writing, they cannot apply the knowledge in any way.

Hi Matt,
This is a good point and one we need to remember. We can only push as much as the mind and body can absorb which is often in conflict with the course structure we use. We need to keep the student foremost in education planning and preparation.

it is improtant to give a great foundation
to all ages to help them in the game of life.

Hi Peter,
Simple to the point and very good advice for every teacher and student.

Hearing and reading are both very linear activities. Visual representations can introduce perspective (quite literally) and more complex relationships.

I do love guided notes. I think it helps students stay on track and they can then write additional notes they need to help them study. And I love the power point idea. when you print out a power point the square surrounding each slide helps students group information. :o)

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