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Understanding Multiple Intelligence.

This information will help me understand the different ways people are interpreting the information I provide. I have always tried to implement tactal, and verbal, and hands on training through out my courses. I'll be more aware now of my delivery methods, and preparation before lecture.

I have always used multiple intelligences in my class. I advise the students to use their creative ways to do their presentations in class. However, I want to see the content of the task addressed correctly; but the delivery maybe different.

Hi George,
You make a good point about the addressing of the task correctly. It has to be done in the accepted standard if the students are going to be successful in their careers. Different approaches but common outcomes.

This information certainly gives me some insight into how I may vary my approach. I teach culinary arts, mostly hands on training. However some students have different ways of learning and it's helpful to get some new ideas on presented material.

I believe that this module served to remind me about the ways that students interpret information and the challenge of meeting their needs. This information will help me to better implement various types of training in all of my courses.

I also teach culinary arts and see all types of learners and have found over my 8 years that all types of intelligance and all types of learners pass through our schools

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