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I think we should teach more about learning in High School. I asked a student how they learn. They did not know. If they don't know, it makes it harder for me to help them.

This is a growing challenge for post secondary programs. Students are coming out of high school without an real feeling or understanding for how they learn. They need to be able to verbalize what supports help them learn. The more they can do this the more understanding they have of their learning preferences.

Gary Meers, Ed.D.

Jason I totally agree with you. I try to talk about ways in which we learn in my classes as much as I can , so students can understand learning is a process that they may have been away from for years and now need to come up with methods to help they move on to their goals.

Learning is always good experience for everyone

This is the fun part about teaching. We get to teach about our field and help prepare the next generation of people to enter our career area plus we get paid to do it. This is a win win deal for sure.

Gary Meers, Ed.D.

I agree. The students would rather cheat or not put forth any effort because they don't know how to learn and they don't value learning. I don't think I learned how to learn until graduate school which is really sad.

Great point Jason, this I personally found to be true, I have had numerous of students that have no idea of learning abilities.

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