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Hello Everyone!

In reviewing the lesson, it is important to share with students various techniques that will effectively assist them in retaining information. Through varying strategies students are able to make the best of their learning environment and truly strive for success. As instructors, it is important to share these various strategies and give them numerous opportunities to be successful.

Learning is like a memory game. In my classroom I put out key words that will bring the student back to what we learned. This triggers the part of the lesson that the word pertained to. By doing this the student is honing his or hers longterm memory while using there short term memory. Note taking is also great for this but the student must get away from the notes and get the information into there head.

Hi Alexander,
Good strategies for helping students move their newly acquired knowledge from short term memory to long term memory. This process takes time and effort but is well worth it when the students can see how much progress they have made in their learning.

I agree that as educators we have to use other methods and techniques to help students remember certain content. I try to associate acronyms with learning drug names. I found that students retain little fun things quicker than learning the names from memory as they see it first hand.

Everybody learns differently and at different paces. I think it is up to the educator to use different methods to the group of diverse learners for course goals to be met.

The more that we as intructors understand about the learning process, the better equipped we can be to help our students process, understand and retain the information we are sharing with them.

When I discuss a subject, I always try to find an example to help students remember the topic.Indeed memory is formed through impression,association,and repetition.

Hi Jacky,
Right you are and as a result of learning content with this method the students can get the information stored better in their working memories. This makes it so much easier to retrieve when they are out in their career areas working.

I agree. All student do learn and retain information differently and it is our job to help them figure out these different ways.

I have found that suggesting that my students place information/terms on 3x5 cards. One side would be the term and the back side would have the definition or picture or example. It has helped students to organize their notes and helped them to remember the subject.

Hi Sue,
This is a good suggestion for your students. A simple thing to do but it yields great results. I know as a student I carried my 3X5 cards around with me to work on terminology when ever I had a spare minute. Really helped me to memorize the key terms I had to have to be successful in my field.

I agree with Brian. Classes should not be too large so teachers can encourage and involve each student using various techniques. Look for the common denominator when possible but teach to the level of the student otherwise you are wasting everyones time.

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