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This is an extremely interesting class, but I am thrown off by the confidence of the author. I have done a lot of research in these areas and all of the information is cutting edge science presented without references or research supporting the conclusions. I have a hard time interpreting statements that are known to be controversial without any supporting evidence.

The author seems to know much more about the topic than researchers in Cognitive or Social Psych. As an academic, I am trained to reject statements that do not provide supporting evidence or at least a bibliography.

I would like to feel like I learned something in this class, but I do not feel comfortable retaining or reciting any of the given information because I do not know how to back up any of the statements.

Hi Jacob,
Thank you for you insight and input on the area of Social Psychology. All contributions assist in moving forward the knowledge related to learning and content acquisition for students.
Keep up your inquiries and research efforts so we all can benefit from the expanded knowledge base.

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