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The students rights are protected and parents have little or no say even if they are paying the student’s tuition. 
what is your prospective from a student’s point of view or from the paying parent’s point of view and do you feel either rights are being violated?

I learned the importance of knowing my audience and presentng according to my audience's needs.

It is important to be flexible and present in a relax yet knowledgeable manner.

Vernise Walker



Active learning proccess can improve student learning ability by having them actively participate while gaining knowledge of the topic presented.

I incorporate active learning activilties into my course which helps the student to critically  and anatalyically think throughout their learning process.


Active learning can be very beneficial in helping the student understand goal & objects that must be met during the learning process.


Incorporating technology into the course has proved to be beneficial in the  learning process. It can be used in many ways especially for my research course material . It allows student to have access to research material such as journal article and literaure reviews.  It also allows students to meet virtualy and they can work on projects  and class assignments which minimize traveling time and schedule conflict.


I find student feedback regarding the courses I teach can be very helpful in improving the course delivery. I have also learned that each class is differnt and that we as instructors need to get to know our class personality and ability to learn. We can use this information early on in the course which can help the class be more successful.


Instrucros can help empower students by giving the appropriate assignments, by encouraging students to take responsiblity for their educationand and by encouraging students to truly invest in themselves by taking ownership of their education.


I learn that validating students emotions help regulate emotions so that feelings sucha s frustration , anger or sadness do not overrule logical decision making of interferr in rapport building.

Vernise Walker

This course was very informative and lended great insight on the state and federal government's role in the academic arena.

The culture of the campus plays a signifcant role in the outcomes of the success of the students but also the accreditation processes

that review the question comments and concerns of the student body faculty and staff.

Vernise Walker

Technology plays a critical role in creating an engaging online student experience. In particular, technology influences one’s ability to adequately interact with students and be responsive to their needs. With the proper systems in place, institutions will be better equipped to meet online students’ needs and support retention efforts.

Student retention is indeed an important fact and it helps the school to provide that student with the online technology in order to be successful in obtaining the educational goal they want to acomplish. Online technology helps to prepare them to obtain the job they desire after successful completion of the… >>>

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