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Our student's success is our success. Staying compliance is a win win situation for all involved.

Staying in compliance increases student trust in the faculty, staff and the college environment.

The culture of compliance is advantageous and allows the student to pursuit and accomplish their educational goals.

Vernise Walker


Today's student for the most part have high levels of knowledge of technology. With guidance and instructions they learn easily how to nevigate through the online courses. Incorporating how to research topics in our class can provide the best evidence base knowledge to the subjects we are teaching. Students want to know that your care and that you are apporachable as an instructor. 

Students will face challenges and poblems, I tell my students that there is a solution to every problem so when we meet do not just come with a problem or challenges also be part of the solution.… >>>

This course is very appropriate especially in this time of meeting the  teaching requirement of the emergency online course requirement.

There will be a learning curve for many of us but, what I feel is some of the most important things to keep in mind is the following

* Communication with the student

* Turnaround line for student engagement 

* Student access to course

* Instructor access to course

* Flexible and approachable IT Support 

Discussion Comment

I agree student will need help in many different areas of their life when making such a big committment by enrolling in school. Success comes with critically thinking through the entire process of what is need for the student to be sucessful. It one thing to enroll in school but sucessfully completing the program and getting a job in the field you enrolled in speaks volumes.

Questioning in the classroom is a very important skill to have in order to become an effective classroom instructor. The objectives were well defined. The types of questions were explained and adequate examples were given. The incorporation of research studies added validity and substance to the course providing scientifically evidence based material. Information regarding wait time and bias that instructors sometime exhibit between good students and students that are less advanced was very enlightening and cause me to take more notice in my classroom questioning procedures. The tips provided in this course such as probing reinforcement & praise can be… >>>

I concur, implementing best practice for each particular class will truly be the most effective learning tools that will provide a successful learning experience for the students.


Vernise Walker

The four styles of classroom management are very informative, I find that each class that I have taught has a different personality. I realize that I as the instructor must be flexible and willing to adapt and vary my classroom management style in order for the students to obtain the best learning experience possible. Vernise Walker
Building a rapport with my students help them to become more comfortable in the classroom learning environment. I willingly share some of my personal professional experiences with my students, which motivate them, and helps to establish a trust and openness with them. What are some ways you build a rapport with your students? Vernise
Discussion Comment
Today more and more 18-20 olds are entering the career college learning environment. some come directly from the high school environment, and we as instructors must illustrate to them that they can succeed even though they don't possess life experiences, that the nontraditional students and others in the class have. How do you motivate and give feed back to your 18-20 year old students? Vernise
The two support systems such as the internal & external systems, required by students are very important for the success of the students' career goals. The internal support system such as financial, tutoring, instructor's encouragement, content application etc., may be the most reliable to accomplish their goals. Reliability of family and friend may or may not always be consistent and able to meet their needs. Vernise

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