Teresa Vasquez

Teresa Vasquez

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Use multiple tools to provide you with feedback that is needed to make meaningful changes that enhance your online course.

Providing feedback helps assist students in achieving different learning objectives and improve their skills in regard to each specific objective.

What I learned so far from this module was the importance of a good detailed syllabus describing expectations and have effective communication.

The most important thing I learned in this course is to have content consistency as well as utilizing a learning database to assist in building and structuring course material.

I learned that it is very important to make sure to communicate with students frequently.  Also not all students will not be as comfortable to learning online, especially when outside factors can become disruptive to their learning ability. 

One of the primary ways to engage students in an online learning environment is to keep the discussion board active and engaging. Showing students that we are active and participating in these discussions will help them become more engaged in conversations. 

By giving students an insight as to how we are qualified to teach them in the field they are learning helps build a connection with the students. Buiding that bridge of communication and trust that we are here to make sure they succeed as well is very important especially in an online enviroment.

The online environment has definitely evolved in the years that I've been teaching. There are so many tools that are available to us as instructors, including the ability to have live video lectures with our students. It is also important to know the deadlines that us instructors, are responsible for. We expect our students to know and abide by deadlines and we must be the example.

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