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Communication Code of Conduct | New discussion by Tara Strawn

I had not thought about having a code of communication conduct to help the students have a clear understanding of what the communication expectations are. 

Computer knowledge | New comment by Tara Strawn

I believe they should all have to take just a short course maybe even less than a week that just teaches them not only how to move around within the course but also all of the resources provided to...

Learning Opportunities | New blog by Tara Strawn

Leaning more abotu how to engage students in a more effective manner using meaninful feedback. Another topic of interest was also using my teaching evaluations to help me revise more course.  

Online Learning | New discussion by Tara Strawn

In the online learning community we must rely on all resources available to instructors and students to make it an engaging enviornment. Without using all of the resources we could potentially lose a ...

Learning Opportunities | New blog by Tara Strawn

I have learned that finding multiple ways to engage students within the online enviornement is possible. We can become live instructors behind the screen and let students see the real us with videos a...