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Hello Everyone,

I remind myself when I'm in a stressful situation to take a moment and reflect on what is truly important.  Life will unfold as it does but the importance I place on it and how I react  determines whether the outcome will be more or less stressful.  I teach nursing students and their stress level is high and instilling this in the classroom setting is imperative for when they become nurses on the floor. 

I am new to this technology, which is why I chose this module.  I believe it can be useful if not used as a tool for students to take short cuts in their learning.  I will continue to learn as I move through this module, to incorporate this typo of learning in my current teaching environment.

Our instituion has many different software programs that we are free to use within our classroom setting.  They offer internal education and if not the vendor has given us access to learn how to incorporate it into the classroom.  It is helpful and allows diversity in the classroom so students stay alert and involved. 

I plan on incorporating the suggestion box where students can anonymously paritcipate in what went well and suggestons on what they would like to see implemented in the classroom setting.  I will also continue to lecture but awill dd a lot more student discussions on the topics to better instill the concepts and keep the students motivated to learn.   Almost every student, now matter what their age, comes into my classroom with different stressors, education level, life experiences, and self-doubt.  Overall. this course has given me the understanding of the importance of better understanding each of my students so i… >>>

Just started reading this book on, "How to engage and motivate adults wuing brain-compatible strategies."  Some of the topic covered in the book are: How the brain learns, promotion of mrmory and information processing, different learning styles, and active learning strategies.

Developing a rapport with my students is an important factor in my classroom setting.  Having the ability to build that professional instructor-student relationship lets them know you are approachable and therefore will be more open to reach out when they are having difficulty in understanding concepts.  Responding or being available to answer questions or reinforce a concept they did not quite grasp also lets students know you are invested in their success.  Being open to students participation in class through acknowledgment and giving constructive feedback will allow students to feel safe to contribute on other topics as well other other… >>>

By implementing active learning strategies into my classroom allows students to become part of their own learning.  It also gives me a compass as to whether or not they are retaining the concepts that are being taught.  I can learn from this and change things that do not work and continue with those that do. 

I plan on encorparating case studies as well as small group presentations on different concepts that are part of the objectives of the course.  This will allow them to build rapport with other students, brainstorm, and learn how to work within a group setting while… >>>

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