Stephanie Gillespie

Stephanie Gillespie

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A streamlined and intuitive structure is my goal while developing our online course.  I will take student feedback to improve upon the process as it evolves.

Thorough explanation of course components

Mixing up the delivery of the content will help keep learners engaged

Structural Integrity enables better navigation which lends itself to a better student centered learning experience.

My course is only offered twice a year, so i will need to be diligent about reviewing my notes, AArs, supplemental material, outside resources checklists to make sure nothing is forgotten or overlooked

Defining the objectives clearly is going to be the critical piece in my short course that introduces a ton of data.  It will be imperative that the student keeps in mind the level of which they are to be familiar with, recall or be proficient in. 

Lesson plans should be detailed, include purpose and be reviewed so they stay relevent and can be used on the spot in case a substitute is needed


This was a good reminder about knowing the audience/student body, their level or prior knowledge and being deliberate about lesson planning to quickly bridge the gap and get traction with content matieral

This module explained the various types of testing, when they should be used and how they should be used.  It also covered the advantages and disadvantages

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