Sean St. Clair

Sean St. Clair

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As educators we must provide an environment that students will feel comfortable taking risks. Lead by example and have empathy. 

Prepare thoroughly and protect the learning environment and respect the role of management and what you are teaching. 

We must avoid creating intense competition among students, and you must tell students how they can succeed in your class. 

teaching a case and teaching a class are very different. Teaching a case is independent of who is in the room, teaching a class is catering to each student and their learning needs. 

I learned the many different test forms and how each one has a specific purpose to remembering the course material. 

An exam is one of the most accurate ways to measure what a student has retained in that section of the course. 

Asking questions is important but asking the right questions can be hard. the other 2 most important aspects of teaching is to listen and respond to your students.

Adapting to new ways of teaching can ensure 100% of your class stays involved you must create a climate where students feel empathy so they actually want to learn. 

Learning outcomes must be what drives the assessment of learning and holistic assessment helps students feel empowered. 

learning about the 3 C's which is cooperation, collaboration and compromise.

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