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Reply to Gina Barton's post: I also will find and implement my student's needs so they accomplish the course's learning objectives.

Describing the objectives and the agenda of the course is always helpful to build up a good relation with the students and to encourage their participation and engagement by providing them positive constructive feedback in a time frame to manage proper communication to achieve short term goals.

Reply to Demy Blake's post: Hi Demi,

I also think that by using multiple feedbaks and multiples inputs is always useful to improve better your online courses.

Multiple evaluations and multiple feedbaks and inputs are always good to improve online courses.

Reply to Arturo Rodriguez Jr's post: I also agree giving the students positive and constructive meaninful feedback it help the students to  conect to their learning objectives and goals.

I think meaningful feedback is always useful for connecting learning objectives in specific details as long as they used them the proper way by giving the studentsthe pernitent information to help them to develop their knowledge and skills.

Reply to Nicole Golden's post: I agree with you Nicole, students that create a better learning scaffolding based on their previous learning and experiences always help them to focus in their learning strategies.

By creating a great learning scaffolding by remodeling and rebuilding on previous knowledge and previous experience and where to focus positive energy it help the students understanding their course framework to implemented through their courses.

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Reply to Gulsebnem Bishop's post: Hi Gulsebnem,

I totally agree with creating formats and templates is always useful to develop automaticity to be able to help and guide the students to capture learning objectives faster.

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I was not aware of all the non verbal clues and non verval comunications might send the wrong message. You have to be very careful when you use them, someone might interpreted the wrong way!

I totally agreed with you. Recently the students that jut took the CST Certification exam were giving different quizes to evaluate their comprehension/understanding, knowledge! they were given "Predictory Tests" to see how many students were prepared to take the real CST National Certification Exam. Just to have an idea of how many students will have a chance to pass it! In conclusion, it was a success!

it was a good strategy to prepare the students better prior to take the real exam! That is all it takes, preparation, preparation!


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