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The concept of the company having the human touch is important in the economy of today.  The expectation of the customer have changed drastically through the years and today's customer looks at good value and customer service. The customer  contact 20 people by word of mouth but much more through social media. So customers can make your company propser or make you fail. 

Ensure cultural conflict reflect ethical standards by the check and balance on all levels.  

When recruiting a student, the respresentative must focus on given the correct information to the student and know the state restriction on location recrutiment activities.

The representative to the institution must provide correct information to the student and if he/she does not have the answer will tell the student they will find out and relay later  Representative should not give false promise or give incorrect information.

There are different laws, rules and regulations that apply for each state.  Must acknowledge the federal department of education guidelines for Title IV, but also must follow the rules and regulations of the state regulatory also.

There are many rules and regulation to protection and individual from a legal aspect when working with post secondary school.   If you ask a question incorrectly can result in penalty of around  $40,000.  Must learn what to ask when calling an individual and demonstrate compliand with the U.S. Department of education.  Hope to continue to learn about update on laws, rules and regulations.

Good communication is imperative to provide an e learning enivornment for the student.  Feed back  and counseling if needed is a necessarity to make a student successful.


I learned the need to establish good rapport with students the first week of on line class.  Continue to address needs of the student in a timely manner to enhance the learning needs of the student.  


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I think is to goo to send a welcome message to the student a week before the class.  First impression is always key.  It will make the remaining flow of the on line class organization and comfort of the student very recepitive.

Being motivated to the student has always be my goal, but from modal Ed102 I have realize that I need to reboost myself sometime in the course of teaching.  Student can be stimulated only if the instructor is truely engaged.  My challenge to myself is to set goals to remotivate myself when my energy get low in the course of a class.

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