Rachel Luebbert

Rachel Luebbert

Location: 425 south nova road


make up, skincare, video games, dogs, hiking, social media, community service, higher education, helping others


public speaking, work flow management, teaching time management, connecting with others, collaborating


I use this Study Prep Worksheet visual aid to help prospective students plan out their entrance exams. I give them a few different ones, but this one is my go-to. 

I learned about the framework (sort of like a formula in my own mind) for a comprehensive presentation. Not just winging it.

I have always used visual aids that I make and I find that it helps SO much. Especially graphic organizers and calendars for students who need planning for entrance exams.

What I got out of this training the MOST was the Program Knowledge Worksheet, which I did on my own, but I have to look a few things up, such as graduation rates for that specific program. I felt that the worksheet was an effective way to truly… >>>

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