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Dr. Joan Cartwright

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About me

Since 2016, I have taught Speech Communication or Public Speaking at three colleges: Southeastern College, Keiser University, and Key College. What I have learned is that many students do not understand that communication is a multi-faceted subject involving, good writing, good organization, ethics, ethnocentrism, and being impassioned to advocate for or against some issue. Preparing good people to speak well is my goal. I have had the opportunity to teach over 100 students in the classroom. Now, I am teaching 14 students online. This has been both challenging and rewarding because I have developed an online course that I can use in the future. As a Doctor of Business Administration Marketing, I understand that communicating well is a skill that must be developed to succeed in the classroom, whether face-to-face or online. My students have assured me that I know my subject and that I impart knowledge well. For this, I am appreciative.

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EL112 - Workload Management

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After giving my first online test to students of Public Speaking, I found that only two of my 14 students got 100. I did not question them as to whether they cheated or not. One student got 60 and ...