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I find there are some that just have to be talking if the instructor is talking, and the comments are usually that students perception of a relevancy to the class, yet are very distracting. I tried to briefly answer one or two questions, but eventually had to say in a nice way that we need to stay more focused on the topic at hand and if the student wished we could have a more pointed discussion outside of classtime that would hopefully answer his questions. Writing questions down is something I have not tried as yet, but I can see… >>>

Personal issues lead to negative attitude in class more often than not where I am. Most of my students that are very negative day in and out are usually dealing with a very stressful issue at home. They are often ok with school, but they will sometimes blame school for being the reason they're stressed, if it were not for school, they would not have the problem. That might be right but the reason they're in school is to improve their place in life. Often they lose sight of that goal and become discouraged. It is important to have someone… >>>



Highlighting and underlining work in an open book test is ok if you only want to parrot back information when asked, but to really know something you have to get into it and read or get your hands on it. In some classes taking notes by hand and copying down things seen or told helps, but until a student is able to put concepts together and fully understand what is being taught, they will never gain enough knowledge to test well. It seems that many of our students today only want enough information to pass the exam, not… >>>

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