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Always have another option available, that is the process of being prepared and organized

Effective powerpoints are important, giving students time to ask questions, take notes and share any knowledge is important

Being prepared and organized is essential for the success of any course

Avoid negativity at all cost, keep the students goal in mind, stay positive, encourage and communicate, positivity at all times.

Bring able to share your experience, motivating and encouraging the student that can accomplish the goal they have set for themselves, asking questions to assess their learning

Keeping the students motivated once they have begun is important, talking and encourging them thast they can complete and reach their goal.

Getting to know your students is important, practice what you preach at all times, if class is to begin at 8 you should be there before to greet the studnt, let them know that they are important and not just a number, repeating as much as needed, yes we still have to treat them as adults that made a decision for their future but we also have to keep encoiuraging them to reach that goal.

Multiple choice and matching are effetive, having the student read and understand the options gets them thinking on what was discussed and learned from the topic

Planning is essential, being careful not to ask a question that we know students will not respond to, being aware of the students reactions during the lesson is important

Flipped classroom can used to benefit the student's leaning experience, tchnology is a great tool and can be used to enhance the learning process

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