Melanie Pariseau

Melanie Pariseau

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When teaching in an online environment, it is absolutely essential that the instructor—and by extension all aspects of the course—be carefully and completely organized

Having the ability to multi-task and remaining focused is one way to be a successful online instructor. Make sure to learn all facets of on line teaching to avoid burn out

The seven principles, gives me a perimeter as a instructor and i appreciate that there are many ways to implement teaching, as many different styles exist.

ive learned that even though all students learn differently, there are standards set for a student with disabilities and as a instructor, i have learn that students limits, strengths and keep them engaged with different tactics.

It is important for the online instructor to know about the services available for the online learner with a disability. This knowledge can build a more welcoming atmosphere for the student with disabilities and can avoid legal action.

Online instructors should be aware of three (3) specific definitions in the area of disabilities: Impairment, Accommodation and Accessibilities. Making a list of expectations, having patience and understanding that all students learn differently will help you as a instructor, be succussful

Ive never created a rubric, but i have used them as they were done by a supervisor. I do understand it takes time to make sure it concise and fits all types of students ability. It must be reliable for it to be succussful 

Rubrics must have different ways to accomadate all students

student involvement, using assesments and objectives that fit the course, helps all to succeed

I learned that rubrics can help instructors get a clearer picture of the strengths and weaknesses of their class. Also, instructors can identify those skills or concepts that need more instructional time and student effort. I learned that it can be time consuming to find the right grading system with Rubric, but once established, it makes its easier for students to have a guideline for grading. 

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