Mary Patricia Dandrea

Mary Patricia Dandrea

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Positive verses constructive feedback are two different needs in overall feedback.  Whene is written verses verbal feedback appropriate - very helpful slide.

Learning from our mistakes as instructors is improving our teaching practice.  It is important to acknowledge that what works with on class of students, may not be the right fit for another class, even with the content is the same.  

Classroom/community management is vital to effective instruction and student learning.  This takes wins and loses as you build your teaching experience.  Again, starting with creating classroom/community norms can be extremely helpful and revisiting those norms daily during the first several classes, can create tremendous benefit in the long run.

Engaging all students as individuals takes attention and the instructor being present in each class, not simply delivery the material.  Can make or break student learning. 

A learning environment is a growing living thing.  Go with your instincts to enhance learning and engage all learners.  

I too find starting with an ice breaker first class promotes that each students' voices heard.  Can open the door for students who tend to be a bit hesitant to share publicly.  I also find an activator at the start of each class very important to spark prior learning and mis understandings.  

It takes 6 exposures to information/concepts to have 90% retention.  Reinforces the importance of teaching content using multiple methods.


I consider, how might I transition to a flipped classroom form of instruction? It seems a bit daunting.  I would start with a lesson I currently teach that has poor results.  I will make changes to the pre and during class lesson objectives and activities.  I need to identify how to grade the pre and during class activities, to ensure that my grading is objective,not subjective. 

I would be interested in hearing from others how best to weight the grading in this style of classroom.  

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