Marco Caracoglia

Marco Caracoglia

Location: waterbury campus


family, soccer, yardwork


plumbing, teaching, coaching


Student engagement is key to any successful online class.

Clear guidelines on communication is key to give structure in your classroom.

It's important to understandand and choose the best ways to commnicate with a student or the entire class.With todays technology many forms of communication are available.Finding the correct form of communication is the key for the instructor and students.

Being consistent with course layout will make it easier for students to find/access materials needed. Students will find information quickly and easily. It will make editing and updating easier for the instructor.

As the instructor I have many roles. Being prepared in all aspects is the key to success.

Asynchronus and Synchronus are both great tools but are totally different. In my case Synchronus is the way to go with the Covid-19 situation I can teach my classrom at the same time with all of my students present.Trying to keep some normal. Considering the times we are in,the Zoom program is awesome.

Knowledge on formative ve summative assessments, using rubrics and self or peer assessments.

Dynamic Syllabus is very important atthe start of the course so tht the students have all information about the course. Scaffolding is also important and used b the students to build on the knowledge they are learning. 

CONSISTENCY !!!!!! Very important !!!

Consistancy !!!!!!

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