Marjorie Randall

Marjorie Randall

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I learned about response facilitation and the different uses. I plan to apply the feedback and dialogue learning. How I plan to apply the feedback is by using other applications most likely voice applications to provide my feedback.  For the dialogue learning I plan to group my students into groups more and explain to them about groups and what group members should do.


I learned what blogging is, the purposes of blogging, some policies used in blogging, and some suggested activities in blogging. I will try to incorporate blogging into my classroom. I know I have to have a specific purpose then make sure the students are able to logon to my blog. Once I have my blog set up I will choose my questions carefully to illicit a certain response.


This section was about an introduction to Microblogging, content development & policy, and suggested activities. The module discusses what micoblogging is and gives examples of types of microblogging. The one that I recognize is Twitter and Edmodo. I learned how to develop content and use it with Twitter. The module gave several suggested activities. I plan to integrate Twitter in my class in the technology section and have the students follow a business person and share with the class.


I learned about the types of media hosting and sharing, assessment in media hosting and sharing, activities in media hosting and sharing. I plan to implement digital portfolios. I will use the suggested rubric in the module.


I learned what engagement is all about. I learned the types of social engagement and the types of motivational engagement. I do think some of this is for college level learners but I can I apply it to high school. I need improvement on student-to-student engagement. To help improve this I plan to introduce an Introductory activity and encourage the students to share. Another improvement I plan to make is constructive feedback. I need to make a conscious effort to let the students know how they are doing in my class.


I learned about connecting beyond the classroom. I also learned that the most underrepresented part of social media is to create, share, and critique others. I plan to have my students create, share and critique projects.

This module was about rubrics and authentic assessments. This module discussed rubrics and what they are used for. I plan to use rubrics more efficiently.


This unit discussed subjective assessments and how they should be created. Based on what I read I will put thought into how I want to assess my students and what way or ways I should go about doing it. Sometimes an essay may be the best way or sometimes short answer may be the best.


I learned about the muddiest point, 1-2-3 list, minute paper, and the explanation of Blooms Taxonomy. I plan to use 1-2-3 list and minute paper in my future classes. I like the way the Blooms Taxonomy was explained and the action and products listed.

This website has a variety of CTAE tools, MIcrosoft applications, and google applications.

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