Marjorie Randall

Marjorie Randall

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I learned the different ways to evaluate student learning. This module discussed what each method was and the advantages and disadvantages of each method. I will use rubrics with project-based assessments. 


I learned about the different types of learners. I believe I have quiet learners and procrastinators. I learned how to use strategies for both types of learners. I intend to make contact with learners who are not turning in assignments and try to find out what wrong. I also intend to send reminders of important dates.


I am learning the difference between asynchronous and synchronous instruction. I plan to apply the asynchronous modes of participation of students and how to get students involved. I also will give immediate feedback to students.


It is important to get to know your students. I plan to use the example about having students post a short biography so everyone can learn about every student. I will also post a short biography so they can learn about me.


Marjorie E. Randall

This course has broken down ways to be dynamic in the classroom. I will use these ways to delver my content in a dynamic way.

This course has broken down a lot of information and ways how to bring dynamic content to my students.


Our school system recently started using this learning managment system called Its Learning. It has everything on one site.

In an E-learning environment there are many items to consider: goals of the course, learning, and course degrees. I plan on trying to keep the lines of communication open. I also plan to reinforce rules for virtual learning. I plan to be firm but compassionate. I realize we are all new to virtual learning.


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