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Lucas Carr

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The flipped classroom really focuses on learning through in class activities, while the at home portion is more for front loading basic informatio.


I think it is a great idea to utilize career goals as a template for a student profile.  These profiles could be used to ensure all content and skills are related to those goals for each student.


In order to provide an engaging online learning environment, teachers should be willing and able to conduct fomrative and summative course evaluations and revisions.

I would use the Stop, Start, Continue evaluation to ensure my students had the most beneficial and least frustrating learning environment that I could provide.


Utilizing collaborative learning can provide students with an excellent learning opportunity where they share their perspectives and insight into a given topic.  In order to create these expericences without them becoming too burdensome, I would make sure that groups are small and that evaluation procedures were designed and projected to students to avoid confusion or misunderstanding.


Creating a presence in an online course is important to the success of the course.  Teachers must show that they are leading the online environment in a way that creates a sense of presence.

I would utilize videos of myself covering topics or demonstrating activities, and maintain a scheduled presence in discussion boards.


Due to the amount of factors that can increase workload for an online course teacher, a WLMS is crucial.  A well rounded WLMS should include utilizing technology, applying teaching techniques as appropriate, facilitation of learning, ensuring the quality of the course, and implementing ethicality into the learning environment.


Helping students to manage their time can be beneficial to them, not only in an online course, but in life in general.  The ability of working ahead in an online learning environment should be encouraged and supported by teachers.  This way students are not caught off guard in a difficult situation if something were to arise that hinders their time available for learning.

With this information I would create a time management lesson utilizing the tips that are listed to help students to develop time management skills.


Setting aside time at the beginning of your course to address technology skills can eliminate frustration throughout the entire course.  Often I am guilty of assuming that students are coming into my class with the technology skills that I commonly require.  With this information I would add questions regarding technology skills to the student survey/biography assignment at the beginning of the course.  This would give an overall picture of what skills students were confident in and what skills would need to be addressed prior to jumping into course content.  


Ideal participation and engagement in online course settings require all-encompasing communication, familiarity and adaptation to student personalities, and an active classroom.  I believe that participation is a major key in being successfull in teaching online courses.  With this information I would create checklists within the framework of the course to make sure that I am completing and considering all of these different areas of importance.


From this module I learned strategies to encourage and support self-motivation in students.  As the module shared, online courses require a high degree of self-motivation to successfully complete the course.  Form this module I will first evaluate my students to determine which students and intrinsically and extrinsically motivated.  With those results I will use the appropriate strategies to encourage continued motivation for my students.


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