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the danger comes when people don't realize how much stress they accumulated. the Buddha was right, you have to create a balance betwen two worlds, the one within and the one around us. understanding ourselves and the environment we live in, allow us to take account of our own actions and readress those if needed.stress.. is just a consequence of those actions. if we can control our life,then we should be abble to control stress. the question is: can we really control our life, or does life control us?..
making time is good streamlining and standardizing everything is good but let's not forget the learning outcome. our priority is for us instructor to make sure that the students understand and remember the class content, and there is no magical recipe.. you must orginize your time around them and make it as fruitfull as possible. now.. is cutting corner and the use of technology really the best choice?...

Time is another perception of the mind based on the movement of stars and planets in the universe. What we make of it is up to us. After all we are only passing by. In relation if we understand the complexity of our meaningless short lived life within this unforgiving universe, there is no alternative other than being part of it. managing our life and the time we spend allow us to be in control,so we think. prioritizing is an act of selfpreservation because of fear. to some extent constructive time management alleviate stress and anxiety because we're in control.… >>>

school's success is not always determined by the instructors themselve or the methods they use but often how the students interact and deliver what they've learned. the same way retention success is not always determined by the instructor and his practices but by how well the students really understand the consequences of noncompliance. in short communication should be your best tool
to listen is a gift these days even if you do not have a solution, and so is understanding and compassion. people wants to be heard. offering guidance and support is good, and most people will find their answers within. but the question is, is it better to hold on to a lie if there is no resolutions...
accepting and understanding the illusionary sphere we live in can sometime alleviate the amount of stress we are creating for ourselves in response to the environment around us. if we acknowledge its effect we then have a better chance to cope with it in adressing the outcome. the question is, can we really change the outcome

our job is to teach, as teachers we cannot change people, they have to change themselve in sharing knowledge, we act as a guiding light and supporting hand. remember the first time you learned to ride a bicycle,maybe you were successful the first time, maybe you failled down time and time again, or maybe you just gave up. the world is not perfect and natural selection remind us that the universe isn't as forgiving. but what would you have done if you never had the support from that special person. if offering help is the right thing to do, then… >>>

decoding and recoding is a processing aspect of holding and storing information that can only be realized through the attention of the subject and on how well he is willing to listen. a lot of time people want to listen to only what they want to hear. to change this behavour then we must teach them how to listen as well...
I can have a grade A in a school setting and still be a failure in my professional life How do we address the fact that sometime school expectations do not always reflect a success in real professional life expectation?
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