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Instructors that have never used active learning must keep an open mind when they decide to use active learning in thier classrooms. Instructors should be using three to five strategies should be used in the active learning classroom.  The strategiers must be choosen carefully to get the best student performance and learning possible.


When the instructor uses an active learning environment in thier classroom they need to make sure that each student understands the values of the course and provide specific instructions to students how to communicate with the instructor, use the reasources available to avoid the students from brecoming frustrated and agitated while taking the course.


I like the idea of active learning in the classroom.  This gives the student more responsibility to go to online sources such as the internet.  This will enhance the students learning.


Definitetly liked the informantion on test assesment and different types 


The information on profolios and holistic assessment was very good information.


I found the area of integrating learning differences most useful. I also liked the informantion on customized learning.


I really liked the information on the blended or hybrid approach to the on-line classroom.  This approach allows face to face with the instructor andf also allows students to work independently.


Understanding your students personality traits is very important in the online learning process.  Also instructors should know thier own personality traits.


I learned about successful instructor and student personaality traits.   


I like the information on the different types of color personality traits.  


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