Kenneth Marek

Kenneth Marek

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Simply different colors reflect different personality types and characteristics.  Easy to think of in these terms with each olor being assigned various traits that are associated to the individual.

The obvious take away for me is that there are many different personality traits that affect ones ability to teach and learn.  Everyone does not fit inot one box but being away of the differences makes us better instructors and being able to understand our differences may make it easier for us to adapt and improvise when necessary.

Through consistent and timely feedback active learning will be successful as students receive the input for uccess often. 

Active learning courses are for motivated and engaged students and guided by the instructor.

As the instructor is the guide the student is responsible for their active learning.

Key time management strategies and applications are important for successful on line instructors.

Feedback needs to be timely and consistent to be effective.   Instructors need to be aware and maintain this throughout the course.

Time management is not just a skill that should be developed for the purpose of being a good on line instructor, it is also a good life skill to have and maintain.

The on line teaching world has many support tools to assist with successful course developement and delivery.  Instructors can receive assisstance and guidance with all aspects of on line teaching.

Closed Captioning CC is another great tool to assist the students with different learning needs.  It is another tool to keep in mind when trying to meet the needs of all students.

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