Francisco Gonzalez

Francisco Gonzalez

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Students active participation is a very important part of their learning processs.

Teamwork is a perfect training for what will be a common way of working once you're in la corporation, working in teams is a very important way of facing tasks.

In oreder to make sure everybody will do their part of work, the teacher should tell them that they will be evaluated individually for their work.

Writting is a very important tool to master in one's education.

Everyday we see more and more students unable to write properly at college level.

This is a big problem that must be address by us and we have to make sure that student get this abbility.

That the experience obtained by the students should be in relashion with their future work.

That the suppervisors shoul be like coaches, showing and telling them how to behave and participate in the workplace environment.

That the best way to teach students is by example.

This is about the tendency of teaching critical thinking to the students.

Critical thinking is very important for the students to have, some have it more naturally or have learned by example at home, but in any case it can be taugh and should be.

Critical thinking is a necesity in today's world.

I have always been a great believer in intership as a complimentary prepesration and ferther orientation of the students for their future.

The experience adquired through intership is of upmost importance for the student, it lets them understand and deal with the everyday environment of their future workplace.

It is and excellent work placement opportunity for the students, those who do their work and show their knowlegde are very good candidates to stay in the company and be hired with better pay.


Leadership can be learned eventhough there are certain natural attitudes that help.

Understanding your employees issues is the most important thing in managing people.

Your credibility as a leader is stablish by example and understanding of the situations at hand.

Adaptive Learning will not substitude the teacher but will change the way to do it.

Incorporating gaminng technology will broaden the amount of students that will be interest in learning.

Since Adaptive Learning can be tailored to the student's background and previous knowledge, it can be very useful to be able to create a program that will be more likely to encourage the students instead of frustrating them.

It is more dinamic!

There is not only one way to apply assesment, specially when certain conditions might be problematic.

The instructor has the reponsability to ensure that the students have achived a certain level of knowledge and comprhention of the subject.

But this can be done in various ways.

I have learned that adaptive learnig is a great way to compliment the teaching program at any level.

It must definitly be use to encourage the the students to learn at their own level of comprehention and capacity.

It is also very flexible and can be personalize so every student can go at their own pace.

the most important issue to understand with Adaptive Learning is the fact that the instructor is no longer the most important part of the learning process, now the student is just as important.

The instructor is suppose to make Adaptive Learning a more fun way to learning than conventional teaching, the student therefore will repond to this new approach when he realizes that he can go at his own pace, faster or slower, and it will make the material more adaptable to his own learning curve.

This will not substitute the instructor, it will complement him.

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