Kia Eshghi

Kia Eshghi

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While the chasm between learning online and in-person is closing, there are still benefits to students having access to feedback in real time from their instructor.  

We should not always expect students to enter our classrooms with the type of computer literacy required for the profession.  

Communication comes in many forms, including non-verbal.  

Written communication skill are paramount to our industry and are an obstacle for many students who seek to be professionals in the audio industry.  We must do what we can to bridge the gap and develop students written communication skills.  

Not all skills are technical!  Critical thinking, creativity, and ethical awareness are valued. 

People have always had different learning styles, so mixing up your delivery is crucial. 

I tend not to think in this compartmentalized of a way about people.  

This course provided some interesting strategies to deal with disciplinary issues. 

It's possible to be an effective educator that shows empathy and cares for students while also achieving learning outcomes. 

Classroom management is important!

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