Kantasuda Rider

Kantasuda Rider

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I learned that ChatGPT offers various benefits for educators in regards to reducing the workload of the teachers.

In this module, it presents me with the limitation and the impacts of misuses ChatGPT that can occur in the education field.

This is a very useful module talking about the drawbacks and limitations of ChatGPT while other sources do not mention these aspects that much.

I have learned some background behind the AI inventions.

In this module, I learn about different types of the assessments including the limitation and some tips to create such assessments. I will definitely try some of the assessments in my class.

In this module, I have learned the different methods for general education assessment that can be done in the classroom. I definitly will apply some of methods in my classroom.

In this module, I have learned several ways to respond to the students' answer. Also, ways to deal with the silence in the room.

I will definitle incorporate some of the teaching strategies in this module in my class to ensure that I include all the learning styles in my lesson.


In this module, I learn that there are many alternative assessments that I can apply in my classroom.

In this module, I learn some ideas on how to use technology to assess students' learning since my institution currently is offerering class virtually.


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